Personal Spirituality And Personal Worldview

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Personal Worldview A worldview is at the core of personality, culture and religion (Shelly & Miller, 2006). It is the underlying factor for different individual multiple behaviors exhibited by people. Therefore, if we want to understand the behavior of people, we must first understand their worldview. It is also important to comprehend that the importance of religion, worldview, and spiritual life is intricately linked to associations with places of worship and personal beliefs. Some may pray or find comfort in a personal relationship with God or a higher power and others may seek meaning through connections to nature. Similar to the sense of purpose, personal definition of spirituality may change throughout a lifetime because it often…show more content…
People see the world differently. The religious believe that God created the world and therefore God is aware of all situations, suggest God is the reason for everything that occurs in the world (Sire, 2004). This leads to the question of whether a spirit created the world or not. Chaotic situations that occur are part of reality and individuals are rewarded when dealing appropriately with bad times and learning from them. The reward is that there is a sense of appreciation and gratefulness for the good times and to ensure those times are not taken for granted.
What is a human being?
Self-awareness shows what it is to be human. Ethical decision making and the capabilities of free choice are interrelated to being human (Sire, 2004). Some may contest to humans being a complex machine created by accident through evolution, but to be consistent with the belief that God is a superior being, one would have to agree a "human" being is a creation of God and being human is not a machine in any way. Humans are created in the image of God and He creates those who have feelings and emotions which can only exist in being human (Sire, 2004).
What happens to a person at
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The Bible contains many messages about the afterlife and simplifies the answer with heaven or hell. Little is said of ultimate disappearance. The answer to existence after death is much more complex as there are beliefs that suggest our way of living or behavior while alive, will be the deciding factor of what will happen at the time of death. The view of disappearance is for those who do not practice religion or believe in God (Sire, 2004). The current way of life is instrumented on judgement day. Do we go to hell or do we go to heaven and is there eternal life? This answer cannot be simply answered as no one who experienced death has returned to discuss the happenings following death.
Why is it possible to know anything at all?
Naturalists take the path of the idea that everyone is made in the image of an all-knowing God. This rationality developed under the contingencies of survival during the process of evolution. If individual self-awareness, intelligence and ability to make choices is something more than just the outcome of chemical reactions in the brain, then, according to the materialist view, this self-awareness has somehow come about only as the result of physical processes (Sire, 2004).
How do we know what is right and
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