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In “Crito” by Plato, Socrates and Crito are having an intimate conversation about reasons why Socrates should escape. Socrates is charged on corrupting the minds of the youth in Athens. Crito, who is Socrates student and close friend, tries to persuade him to escape because he did not believe Socrates committed any actual crime. Socrates believes that if the government is punishing him because he broke a commandment; then he did perhaps break a law. Socrates saw the law being a general father figure for society. Socrates believes in unselfishness, democracy, and how public opinion does not matter. Crito believes he will be seen in the public eye as a bad friend because he did not help Socrates escape. In believing he is a bad friend, he is being selfish, defying the government, and adhering to public opinion. For instance, Crito says he has rich friends that will help Socrates leaves Athens. Socrates questions Crito about exile, because Socrates believed that banishment is defying the law. I do not agree with Socrates because he is given two choices, eviction or death. However, my personal perspective is that both men are right and wrong, Socrates should not escape because of his moral values; however, there is nothing wrong with exile.

Socrates believed in many things; for example, believing in the after life, and not fixing injustice with additional injustice. Socrates had a strong belief in the after life; therefore, he was not terrified of dying, while Crito was frightened by the idea. Socrates said a man his age should not be afraid of dying, but Crito disagreed, he said many men are troubled at the idea of dying and would take the opportunity to escape if they were in his place. Socrates was not concern for...

... middle of paper ..., but against him.

In conclusion, I believe that it is blaspheme that Socrates is accused of corrupting Athenian’s children’s mind. He should not have received the death penalty, but I do understand it was by preference. I think that Socrates let his opinions get in the way of clear judgment when Crito tried to help him escape. However, I do realize why Socrates did not want to escape. Socrates made valid points by declaring that he does not believe in vengeances, disbeliefs in public opinions, and the personification of the Athenian government being seen as a father figure; as well as, not wanting to exile from his homeland. Although, these moral values were instilled in his mind he still could have chosen banishment instead to save his life to continue educating people. Therefore, even though Socrates is not physically alive, his philosophy continues.
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