Personal Role: Role And Contribution To The Organization

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Personal Role & Contribution: I find myself privileged to be working with such an interactive group that have enlightened me throughout the journey of strategy formulation process and business model execution before the board panel. For me every working day with the team was a new learning experience. And I’m satisfied with my contribution to the group work and the operational skills of the team. The role I was assigned was chief human resource officer CHRO and the key responsibilities of my role comprised of promoting equality and diversity through company culture, monitoring the workforce performance through appraisals and evaluations, creating and enforcing employee policies, compliance and governance regulations, delivering HR processes and procedures, managing corporate and workforce capabilities which includes dealing with rapid changes in technology, globalization, staff as well as induction trainings , recruitment and management of grievances and disciplinary procedures. I was efficient to the role assigned to me as a part of the board and gave my best in fulfilling my responsibilities; I critically analysed and provided the required change that needs to be implemented in the HR policies of the company through the five year strategy. The strategic assets that I was accountable for were ensuring that the values of the company are communicated and…show more content…
Lastly before I conclude I would like to convey my thoughts, that I thoroughly enjoyed working on this business strategy integration process with such fascinating people bearing in mind the same aim of working together willingly and whole

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