Personal Reflection on an Assignment Regarding Health

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After reviewing the charts created from the packets given to the class, I discovered that the results from were right around were I expected them to be. One of the charts required me to take half of all the vitamin requirements then add it to the original amount. I had to do this because I weighed between 121 and 180 pounds. That was one of the only changes I had to make in this packet because all of the other questions had to do with smoking, being overweight, and other various circumstances of which had nothing to do with me. After reviewing the charts, I came to the conclusion that I did not need to take any supplements to better my health. I was completely satisfied with the way my chart turned out in relation to the questions I had to answer about my health and lifestyle. My lifestyle affected the outcome of the packets dramatically. Since I did not smoke, overeat, drink too much alcohol, etc., my results from the packet came back for more healthier than if I did do those things. Also where I lived and what kinds of food I ate impacted the results of the packets. One of the questions asked how close I lived to a major city, another asked about the condition of my hair. Every little detail of one’s life affects one’s health in ways that I never knew before. I never thought about if the location of my home affected my health. I never thought that if my hair was a certain way then I needed an increased intake of Vitamin B1. One change that I am thinking about making after completing the charts is more exercise. I used to wrestle or have at least one activity that kept me in shape but now, I just eat all I want to eat and not work out at all. I’m lucky I have a fast metabolism or I would be huge. Running is something that I am now trying to incorporate into my average day. Running is something that you can do anywhere, and it doesn’t require any expensive equipment to do. Now when I return home from school, instead of going to the fridge, I put on some running shorts and for a run. I have already noticed my body getting into better shape, and just feeling better about my health in general.

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