Personal Reflection of Unhappiness and American Life

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Is America Headed Towards Revolution Unhappiness in a daily life is a very common thing in the new millennium for new and old generations for many reasons. This could lead to lots of things sometimes good but mostly bad. For example unhappiness in daily life could give inspiration for old and new generation to strive harder to become happy and have a better life but every time the people would strive to get a better life there would be rising expectations and dissatisfaction daily life which will shatter their chances of becoming happy for example people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth get a good life the best clothes and especially the best education and go to the best colleges. While people who are born not so lucky do not get the best clothes or the best education and some cant even afford to go to the best or even any colleges. The rich get richer because of all the privileges they get and this is how they get better lives. While the poor get poorer because they cant get as many privileges they end up with the same life or even worse than before, especially since the rapid increase in technology it is even harder to find a job for lower classmen. This is why a lot of people are dissatisfied with their lives the lack of money and education to improve it. If they try to improve their life with education they could not because higher education like a college education costs money that is why it is hard for the lower classmen to strive for a better life. This is how a lot of people could become depressed, rebellious, and violent and this could lead toward revolution. America is also marked by violence which could make people somewhat hostile. In America there is violence every where like news, music, video games, entertainment, even in your own neighborhood. There is philosophy about many things where we go, especially in music for example the words in the song cop killer by Ice-T “I'm 'bout to dust some cops off Cop killer, better you than me. Cop killer, f**k police” That is a philosophy of killing authority or The lyrics of the song by Tupac Shakuer “me and my girlfriend Smokin sherm, drinkin malt liquor,” is a philosophy about doing drugs and crime.

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