Personal Reflection: The Importance Of Writing And Listening Skills

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The aspects I would like to improve the most in this semester include writing and listening skill. To achieve the goals, I have set two simple tasks for myself which are read more books and build a habit of listening to news report in English. I had listened to the news report at least five days per week, thus my listening skill has a great improvement. In the beginning of the semester, I am scared to talk with non-local students because I am not a good English listener. After building a habit of listening English almost every day, I can confidently chat with my non-local friends. For the task of reading more books, I had done it fairly. As university life is much busier than what I thought before the semester starts, I do not have enough time to read more books in my leisure time. I just read one book per month and I thought my writing skill did not show a keen improvement in my academic writing. After this…show more content…
My argumentative essay is more effective than the previous writing that I did not use the writing-process oriented approach.
The process-writing approach used in this course is useful for forming a compact structure. However, it was time-consuming. I did not apply this process-writing approach in my previous essay. Without the process-writing approach, it is more convenient to write a short essay. I just had a simple outline and start writing the whole essay. It was fast but the structure was loose with an unclear flow.
Using the process-writing approach, my structure and flow are better than before. A complex outline requires me to write a thesis statement and topic sentence first. It is good for organizing a compact essay with clear expression and reminds me what I need to include in my essay. For example, the citation from a source text. I can have a good structure and flow because of the process-writing approach in my argumentative
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