Personal Reflection: The Impact On Being A Big Sister

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The Impact on Being a Big Sister Personal Reflection “Aren 't we all pretty much equal now?”, for a long time I believed this to be true, much like many non-feminist activist. However, as I took on the role of being a big sister, this viewpoint changed. Once I became increasingly more involved in their activists, I witnessed many gender inequalities even within young children 's lives. By becoming aware of these societal inequalities I was able to adopt a feminist approach to issues. I began to become more involved in the inequalities that society places upon children and the gender stereotypes that they were becoming susceptible to. Most significantly, within the realm of sports and the sexualisation of toys. Overall, this feminist outlook allowed me to provide my brothers with a more nurturing relationship and work to prevent them from the harms that societal inequalities cause.…show more content…
Although, I am not an athletic individual when I became an older sister to two young boys my involvement in sports changed drastically. I started to attend their hockey, baseball and soccer games, sports became the primary conversation at the dinner table and sports television quickly became the main source of entertainment in my household. What started as a great activity to bring our family together, as I grew older it quickly started to make me want to distant myself from the athletic scene. The start of this distancing was due to a conversation that I witnessed my father and oldest brother having, Dad: What sport would you like to be a part of this year,

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