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Personal Reflection Paper #3 According to the management scholars Richard Kreitchner and Carlene Cassidy, “the term motivation, refers to a physiological process that gives behavior purpose and direction” (328). In chapter 12 of the book entitled “Management,” authors Kreitchner and Cassidy discuss how managers can attempt to motivate their employees effectively. The authors insist that managers can work to keep employees loyal to organizations by “administering rewards fairly, building trust and teamwork, and creating a stimulating work environment” (328). There are many theories that analyze how to motivate workers, one of the most prominent being Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. I aim to analyze this theory in order to make recommendations for work motivation at my current place of employment, The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), a non-profit membership association for family physicians. Psychologist…show more content…
Maslow suggests that there is an inherent need for people to have love and affection (330). Management teams can fulfill this need by taking an interest in employees’ personal lives (330). At the American Academy for Family Physicians and beyond workers must feel that they are cared for by their managers so that they are fully invested in their work teams. This need ties very strongly into the next needs on Maslow’s hierarchy, esteem needs. Kreitchner and Cassidy explain that people need to have self-respect which comes from “being accepted and respected by others” (330). Maslow believes workers need to feel respected by management and peers in order to motivate them to achieve organizational goals (330). I would encourage managers at my organization to give employees positive feedback and recognize their achievements in order to build up their self-esteem. This can come in the form of performance evaluations, merit pay, and promotions as rewards for employees’ good

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