Personal Reflection On My Experience In Nursing

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In this Learning Style paper, I reflect on an experience during my practicum where a conflict with a superior allowed me to see both the positive aspects and hindrances in my learning style. These nuances in my learning style, which I gained more insight with from the Learning Style Inventory (LSI) and Learning Centre Survey (LCS), have allowed me to critically analyze how I will make my learning as a nursing student more effective. My experience with an older nurse during my practicum at Langley Memorial Hospital, along with the results of the LSI and LCS, have given me the perception to critically examine both my advantages and faults as a learner who values teamwork. In the conclusion of this essay, I will develop a plan that not only addresses…show more content…
My extrinsic motivation was above the norm at 3.0 and this is demonstrated by the fact that my willingness to avoid conflict in the future and gain recognition as a competent student were external motivating factors (Dugan, 2015). This extrinsic motivation could, however, lead to problems in my learning style because Covington and Mueller describe this behavior pertaining to someone who is a failure-avoiding student (2001, p. 169). Covington and Mueller also describe a failure-avoiding student as someone who values “[f]eelings of relief rather than pride” and who merits “competition for extrinsic rewards” such as recognition (2001, p. 169). My desire for my superior to see me as a competent pupil was the extrinsic factor that motivated me to apply an alternative strategy if a similar situation arises in the future. These “self-defeating behaviors associated with a failure-avoiding mentality are largely the creatures of negative reinforcement” (Covington, M., & Mueller, K. 2001, p. 169). Thus, negative reinforcement and the fear of punishment was a driving force behind my shift in learning
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