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he Spring Quarter is almost over! With this in mind, I am writing you a letter to reflect on my experiences in English 102 section HY1. Having previously completed The University of Washington Composition 131 class at the high school, I found multiple connections between the classes. Both classes focused on time management and self-improvement. The major difference, and the thing I really struggled with, was there was only one peer review. In my previous class, we had an extremely longer amount of time to revise our papers and typically had two or three drafts. I grew accustomed to this way and the fact multiple people helped structure my essays, that wasn’t the case in English 102. This class was much more individualized and independent during…show more content…
The two most important things this goal focuses on is time management and the use of sources. By managing their time efficiently, writers are able to thoroughly comb through the information they want to add and then create a detailed outline. By setting the appropriate amount of time aside to go through sources, the writer can synthesis the most accurate, best sources and evaluate the author 's position and bias. This learning goal helped me individualize my drafting time because I was not being tugged along by a detailed class schedule. The other way I benefited from it was, I know put in more focus to my sources instead of picking the first article on Google. Both of these helped develop my…show more content…
This goal is the strength of the paper. Focusing on independent voice, writers are to use a coherent, focused paper to maintain a thesis based argument. The thesis is the backbone of the essay and, if focused and maintained, counter arguments will add to the paper 's strength. This is the learning goal that I struggled the most with because I struggled picking a thesis. In my final drafts this is the goal that can be seen as the most improved because after the Argumentative paper, I finally realized I was going to have to combat my indecisiveness and pick a thesis without outside help.

This will also discuss my argumentative paper because I FINALLY WILL HAVE A THESIS FOR IT!

As a soon to be graduating high schooler, I can say this class definitely gave me a dose of (that grown up word) independence. By focusing on the learning goals, I was able to see what changes I can make to create polished work. When I signed-up for this class, I assumed it would be easy and I was only taking it because I needed it to graduate; however, I can say that this class will help me in the future. There was no set requirement throughout the class, it was based on self-improvement. By making my own standards and being forced to make decisions, I definitely matured as a student. With this in mind, thank you for this valuable quarter and I can’t wait to advance in the future thanks to the learning goals and this overall

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