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Reading The Politically Intelligent Leader (White, Harvey, & Fox, 2016) I looked within myself to reflect on what skill I posses as a leader. Analyzing the “ABCD” of Trust I assessed my self in all the dimensions of trust and how they may effect by Transformational Change Project (TCP). After careful examination of myself and the “ABCD” of Trust, I ranked where I found myself in each dimension of trust. I rated myself by using a scale of one to ten by what I demonstrate as an attribute, one being little recognition by the team and ten by a clear recognition by the team. I rate myself as follows:
• Ability - In ability I score myself a 7. I say this because in content of my TCP I am not well versed and I am learning with everyone else,
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For me my work ethic and my reputation are very important. I was brought up with the idea that your work ethic, your word and reputation represent whom you are. I also know that sometimes I am not straight forward with everyone, I say this because some people will and have take what I have said the wrong way. I know analyze people and be aware how and when to say things depending on who they are and if they are emotionally and psychologically ready to hear the truth. I need to know how to read people…show more content…
I choose these specific topics because I feel that they are the areas I need to work on to for me to be politically efficient.
I need to work on Listening and Asking Question because I listen actively but I interrupt the person. I know I do this and my friends have brought it up to my attention and knowing my family, they know its part of how we communicate. I believe it is cultural, I say this because as a family we talk over each other and its part of how we communicate.. Being first generation Mexican it is hard habit for me to break. In the political culture I work in I need to keep any thought to myself and not interrupt and actively listen to ask question for clarification, to help individual focus and reflect.
The second are I need to work on is to Extent Trust. Unfortunately or fortunately, I trust everyone. I trust all until something occurs and trust is lost. I need to practice “Smart Trust” (White et al., 2016). I need to learn to learn how to be careful and have people earn my trust. By this I mean I need to trust people unconditionally who are earning my trust and people that have earned my trust I need to trust them abundantly. I need to figure out a median and not be to trusting. This is hard because I always see the good in people and I want them to live up to my

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