Personal Reflection: My Personal Experience In The Day Of Surgery

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Accordingly, on the day of surgery, I was extremely nervous about the procedure. Again, my neurosurgeon addressed the pros and cons of undergoing the vertebral disc replacement and fusion. Also, he reiterated the 50 percent chance of success or failure. He did not want me to have an unrealistic view of the expected outcome, as well as, he discussed that if my pain was decreased by 50 percent, then the surgery would be considered a success and we would have achieved our goal. At that time, he also elaborated on how the procedure would be performed, the anticipated length of the surgery, as well as, how long I would have to remain in the hospital. Of course, if there was going to be a complication during surgery, I would be the one to experience…show more content…
Never was I given any grandiose expectations for the success of the surgery, or for the recovery. In fact, I am still in the recovery process and due to remaining nerve pain we will be temporarily fitting me with a nerve stimulator to see if it is a viable option to reduce the remaining pain. Again, I have only received realistic expectations of the stimulator and given an 80 percent chance of success. Of course, this chance of success is quite high as compared to the surgery, therefore, on April 1, 2016, I will undergo the placement of the trial stimulator in hopes of decreasing or eliminating the amount of remaining pain I am experiencing. Thus, if it is successful, I will then undergo another surgery to implant a permanent internal nerve stimulator for permanent pain…show more content…
The theory of self –care, which describes why and how people care for themselves. 2. The theory of dependent-care, which explains how family members and/or friends provide dependent-care for a person who is socially dependent. 3. The theory of self-care deficit, which describes and explains why people can be helped through nursing. 4. The theory of nursing systems, which describes and explains relationships that must be brought about and maintained for nursing to be produced. (Berbiglia & Banfield, 2014, p. 244) Orem developed her theory from her own personal experiences as a nurse, which allowed her to recognize the applicable focus or object of nursing (Berbiglia & Banfield, 2014, p. 241). Also, she determined that a nurse should be implemented to care for a patient when their condition indicates the need for assistance due to “the inability of persons to provide continuously for themselves the amount and quality of required self-care because of situations of personal health” (as cited in Berbiglia & Banfield, 2014, p. 242). By applying Orem’s fundamentals for self-care, nurses are able to ensure their patients are meeting the universally required goals: adequate intake of air, food, and water; maintain a balance of rest and activity, as well as, social interaction and alone time; provide care for elimination processes;

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