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Having completed English 101 in the spring of 2015, I was nervous about entering into the second writing course because I perceived it to be twice as challenging. This course was very challenging but I had many recourses and responsive instructors to ensure my success. The course design is conclusively the greatest element of my success in writing my researched position essay. The course reveals the “skeleton” behind the design of what an article or paper’s construction is made of. There are various styles of augmentative or researched position writing, and having the ability to recognize these will further you ability to quickly and completely analysis someone’s writing. However successful my writing may have seemed I do still have deficiencies…show more content…
Next, you will need to conduct research to understand various views and locate academically credible resources to support your argument. During this year I utilized the University of Alabama Library and specifically the Scout search tool to find sources that I could incorporate into my essay. However, we tend to find sources that support our view and not an opposing view. It is important to include both sides of your argument because that will broaden you demographic of reader and it creates a convincing essay. I thought I had all the sources I needed until we had a discussion question where we presented our subject and position to the class. In a response to that assignment, a student replied: “My intent is to hopefully help you think of angles you have not pondered thus far.” He then presents several different subjects and points of view that I had not considered, which caused me to rethink my sources and add additional sources to include some of his points. So it is very important to keep an open mind when writing and consider all views, even if you don’t agree with them.
It is important to use academic peer reviewed sources and opinion pieces when constructing an argument. The majority of my sources we academically peer reviewed books and article that gave my essay Logos. I also included some highly passionate opinion articles that added Pathos, emotion to encourage

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