Personal Reflection Essay

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The following personal reflection is based on how I would go about managing my work priorities and professional development. I will be asking and answering myself all of the important factors in my opinion that comes under managing my work priorities. My reflection will include factors that will ultimately help me become successful and achieve the best of my abilities. I believe becoming a good role model for my employees is required and plays a significant role in my professional development. A good role model doesn’t compare themselves to others. They compare themselves to the person they were yesterday. A good role model in my opinion is someone who has a strong passion for their work and the employees they influence. A good role model has a clear set of values, demonstrates confidence with intelligence and is humble. Being a role model gives you the ability to infect others with your dedication and passion. They must be knowledgeable but at the same time accept accountability,…show more content…
An effective work leader should guide and help people to overcome feelings of self-doubt by being optimistic. People respond more openly to optimism and to a person of dedication and passion. They must also inspire action and be committed; always maintaining high standards. All of these traits wouldn’t be possible without confidence which is one of the most important. I believe I possess many of the qualities and traits of an effective leader. I am always trying to improve myself, I have a very optimistic, positive personality which is very important to have. I do have high standards along with a competitive personality, this would help push myself to lead to success and encourage others. If I ever feel as if I didn’t have these traits and needed to improve, I would develop these traits by continuing to educate
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