Personal Reflection: A Brief Note On The Importance Of Management

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From taking minutes we learnt that it was important to keep track of what we were doing each lesson as it is easy to lose track. The planning process can then be recounted and referred back to with ease. Being able to refer to the minutes was good as it was easy to check that everyone done what they had to. It also made the assignment easier to reflect on and assessed as it shows a timeline of the assignment process. Finally it also provides evidence that my capabilities were built upon gradually throughout the assignment. In the photos on the following page, it is evident that me and my 3 other group members were teaching and in control of the year 8 class. Majority of the lesson involved the 4 of us standing out the front and delivering information to the students. As it was a part of the lesson plan, we then go involved with the students at a closer level. Each group member went to a table of approximately 5 students and helped them fill out a worksheet (photos on the next page of us working a table group). Group Work Each person in the group contributed a large amount during the construction and planning of…show more content…
Ministry is the service or functions of a minster in a religion. In other words ministry is the work that the church does for not only the community but the rest of the world. You don’t have to be a minister to contribute to the community; as long as you are a part of a parish or attend church in school you can have a significant input. Many ministers hold degrees in theology or religious education, but this doesn’t mean we sit out for contributing. As males if something isn’t relevant to us, we tend to often disregard it. Having ministry as one of our four pillars gives us a chance, and reminds us to be spiritual with not only ourselves, but with god and the church

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