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Taking the further step towards my education was very important to me. I knew if I hadn 't taken the decision to go to college, I wouldn 't be prepared for my future, and that really changed the way I perceived education. Although I had the option to go to college, I was fully convinced by my parents. They were the ones who prepared me for college and told me why it was so important to have a good education. Without their convincing support, I wouldn 't have known the important value of bettering yourself with education.

I started thinking about attending San Jacinto College while still in high school. I was still figuring out what to major in and the career opportunities that were available. Since I started welding in high school, a career
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The specific course that significantly helped me understand my personality traits and learning styles was called Learning Framework. Through this course, I was able to understand how my emotions, learning styles and overall personality will impact my academic studies. One of the assignments I remember doing was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. According to the course book, it is "one of the best-known and most widely used personality inventories that can also be used to describe learning styles...". But some people, including Adam Grant who is a psychologist of the University of Pennsylvania, say that "There is just no evidence behind it", ensuring that it is an unreliable personality test. But I believe the test accurately described my introversion and how I make decisions based primarily on logic.

But as much as I learned a lot about myself, I also improved the responsibility of studying for classes, managing time and keeping my wellbeing at a balanced state. A good tip that I got from the course book was how to be an effective note taker by writing down important notes and steps in a notebook to help me study for classes that needed an extensive review of the content. I also had to keep track of the time I spent studying on each course so that I wouldn 't miss taking an equal amount of time to study for other courses. As for my wellbeing, I did
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