Personal Reflection

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This semester has been an extremely beneficial one in terms of helping me narrow down some areas that need improvement and clarifying some misconceptions or misunderstandings as to some general aspects of playing flute. Some of these include, what necessarily happens when you need to support the air, how my stance or movement can affect my sound, the interpretation of the piece and the musicality that comes with it, and what a core tone sounds like and how to achieve it. One of the major goals of this semester was to develop a better sense of sound, in terms of tone and musicality, and then find the manner in which I could produce that desired sound. A recurring message was that I did not support my air enough, which lead to me to inquire about specific techniques that I could use to better my support. I also did some research and found a great article published a few years back that explains all of the terms, like where exactly the diaphragm is and how it works, to some more techniques about who to use it in order to find a solid air stream. I am more aware of my ability on this a...
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