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In every person 's life, there is a time which changes him or her dramatically. For me, it was the time I spent at the Renmin University of China as a graduate student of Master of Social Psychology. At the university, my interest in psychology was powered even further when I realized that it can prove to be really useful in making this world a better place. Going through life changing experiences and encounters filled me with a better perspective of psychology and made me realize that it is a potent subject which can effectively persuade people into a positive path of living.
I developed a great academic background in psychology through more than 2 years taking professional courses, some of which are general psychology, developmental psychology, statistics, psychological research methods, Experiential Design in Psychological Research, Emotional Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Theory and Technique of Psychology Consulting and so on. Therefore, my cultivation in theory and
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I became fascinated in the endless variety of ways of transmuting negativity to positivity in young people 's lives because I know that each person’s character is formed by childhood experiences of family and close relationships. I worked as a research assistant in 2013 and 2014 for three fields promoting positive psychology in young Criminal Education, developmental psychology behavior intervention for children with autism and college student’s pressure correspondence.
Among the procured experiences, I was grateful to be involved in family therapy for children with autism. Additionally, I worked for children with autism, and I once again came up with different psychological strategies to make improvement in their lives and to enhance the overall perception of people toward autism. I realized the great role of family therapy and the importance of the family of a person 's mental

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