Personal Personality Assessment Assignment

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1. Provide a summary of your personality assessment results. Include the personality types rank ordered from the highest to lowest rating. Include the number of items that you rated as matching each personality type. Describe the personality type(s) on which you were rated the highest. I think this assessment was very useful in better understanding myself and possible career routes. My personality type ranks in the following order; Social (35), enterprising (24), artistic (13), investigative (11), realistic (6), and conventional (6). My highest-ranking type was social which does not surprise me because I love working with other people. On the website, they describe social as people who really like working with others in order to help them grow and learn. Some occupations for someone with this personality type include giving advice, teaching, and being of service to people. A second personality type I received was enterprising. With this personality type…show more content…
There is so many different options and fields that we can go into. I am happy we did this assignment because it made me aware of jobs that I did not even know existed. So, moving forward I have a better idea of what jobs are out there for me in accordance with my personality type. I am excited moving forward from this assignment because I now know that the options are out there and I am confident that I will be able to find the right fit for me. Knowing and understanding your personality type and skills really helps narrow down what field you should be in. What I learned is that I want to either be working directly with people and or planning events that will benefit people. I do not feel as uneasy and unconfident in finding a job anymore because this assignment proves that there is a job out there for everyone, you just need to put in the time and effort to figure out what job is the perfect match for
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