Personal Parenting Style: My Personal Teaching Style

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I believe that my personal teaching style will be similar to my parenting style which is most definitely an authoritative style. This style gives structure, but is nurturing. Authoritative parents give children choices within reason or limits. This gives children some control over their decisions. Overall children of authoritative parents grow up to be happier well rounded adults. I think the teaching style that correlates to this type of parenting style is a facilitator teaching style. The facilitative teacher guides students in the learning process. This promotes self learning, and helps develop critical thinking skills. Students will be able to retain knowledge better.
As a facilitative teacher I will ask students more questions, rather
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First thing teachers need to know is the content. If the content is not well known their will be a lack of authority, that could lead to loss of control in the classroom. The second thing teachers need to know is their students. It is important to build a good rapport with them. It is also important to know what normal kid behavior is, and your own students behaviors. Being keen on their personal behaviors will help make it easier to pinpoint if anything is ever wrong or bothering them.
Punishment should not be the only thing that teachers rely on to control the classroom. Being aware of actions before they happen can prevent unwanted behaviors before they happen. Using positive reinforcement is more effective in maintaining control in the classroom. Classroom rewards would be a good way to enforce positive behavior. Focusing on positive rather than negative will generate a happier climate in the classroom.
Maintain professionalism will help keep the classroom in order. Be a good role model to students, and keep things organized. Teach with inspiration and innovation. Teach children positive steps to self-discipline. Manage and monitor your own stress level to be efficient. Your mood reflects the mood of the entire
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