Personal Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing I am selfless and hold a huge compassion for others. The compassion and sympathy I have for people stretches beyond nursing. I do not view myself as a Christ figure in hopes that I am able to change the world. I solely view myself as a person wanting to help others. Nursing is more than is more than treating ill patients, it is about care and service and it’s constantly evolving. It is about of the well-being of the patient. It is about what is in their best interest and ensuring they understand the steps needed to head to wellness and clear up any misunderstandings. My responsibility is to take care of the patient and make sure they are receiving adequate service. In regards to patient care, one should have an open and compassionate patient relationship. The office should be a safe haven for the patient where they…show more content…
It is everyone’s duty to be valuable contributor in improving the work environment. As well as respecting each patient, members of the team should respect each other. A person’s opinion should be not more valuable than someone else based on their years of experience or their level in nursing. Everyone should lend a helping hand whether it is to someone who works under or above you. There is room for improvement within everyone. One must be able to accept criticism and strive to perfect their approach in caring for patients and creating a warm environment. In a team we are able to strategize, make modifications, form ideas and complete task together to be successful. Each member of the team should remain professional despite any overwhelming conflicts that may arise. Everyone is held at the same standard of behavior. However, I expect individuals who are more experienced in healthcare to be a positive role model of how one should behave and have positive ethical values. Amongst the team there should be a leader that helps mediate and keep the group
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