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Where to Go When You Have No Where Else To Go When writing, I have always struggled with many different aspects of writing. With writing, you have to make sure everything is organized and makes sense. For the midterm project, we had to pick out the three main points we struggled worse in and find resources that helped us when writing. The three main struggles I had were, organizing my paragraphs, creating a catchy thesis, and revising my papers. The resources I used were 3 online articles. I have been doing research on the different areas I needed help in. Different resources have given me great tips on how to improve my ability to write a perfect paper. My first area that I chose was organizing my paper. When writing my papers, it has always been a jumbled mess that no one could keep up with. I would slowly start out on the right path, but then as I started writing more, I would include details that were not needed and go off topic. However, I started to do more research on this particular area and found, The Writing Center at UNC. The writing center at UNC is an online resource, it showed what exactly was needed in a paragraph, showed examples, gave four great tips. Another great resource was, “Purdue OWL”. This was another online resource; this website showed me unity, the basic rules and the elements of a paragraph. When reading this resource, this helped letting me know what I needed to put into a paragraph, it also helped me with organizing, showing me where my topic sentence needed to go and how to stay on track. I used this website with this midterm essay, I took the steps and applied it. The step I used most was the process. I explained how I used the websites and I used illustration in order for m... ... middle of paper ... ...r into and then when it showed me what I needed to fix, I would go through and changed everything I needed to change. Ultimately, I have learned from the research I obtained that when making an outstanding paper I need to make sure I have revised my paper. I have also learned that when making a thesis statement, to include the main idea and to pull the reader in. Lastly, I have learned that when organizing my paragraphs, I need to stay on the main focus and to not go off topic. Doing research has helped me realized what I needed to get done. In high school, I would never check back behind me, I would always write my paper and then turned it in; at least now, I know where to go if I ever need help. Thanks to the websites I have used, I can now make sure all my papers are well organized, stay well with the topic and grabs readers attention.
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