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Values are very important they make up who you are and the person you stand for. I believe in order to be self-confident and in control of your life you have to strive for the values you set. They should not come easy to you if that is really how you want to live you life, you need to work for it an earn it. For my Instrumental values I choose ambitiousness first. To be ambitious shows that you want more in life, you strive and work hard to achieve a specific goal. Education is a big part of me; it is the foundation for the rest of my life. Without education I would not be able to accomplish my goals. Patience is something that I strive for everyday; I want to be able to have the ability or willingness to suppress annoyance when confronted with a delay. Curiosity to me is the desire to learn to know about anything, being inquisitive. Forgiving is not holding a grudge or anything against someone that you do not want to lose. Being able to forgive someone shows you have compassion, making your life simpler. Helpfulness demonstrations you care about others and devote you time to someone other than yourself. Leisure shows you take time for your self and well-being. Doing something that you love and are interested in, releasing stress. Respect to show some one that they matter, you are listening to them, and they have you undivided attention. These ten instrumental values are how I want to live the rest of by life by. For my terminal values the first one I choose was career. Having a career is very important to me it determines what you will be doing for the rest of your life. It is a person’s progress through life. Achievement something one has accomplished, especially by exceptional ability and great effort. Accomplishment being ab... ... middle of paper ... ...ed everyone is makes me happy. My parents were able to make it to all of my extracurricular events and spend one on one time with both my brother and I so we felt equal. I want to be able to do this when I have a family. Have the time to coach my child’s soccer game and take them to dance or basketball practice. In my leisure time when I am older I want to be driving my kids around to activities they enjoy I already got that opportunity and mow I will get to see them have the same. Also, having a career would have to an enormous value in my life. I have gone through so much schooling and worked so hard to have the career of my dreams. Both my parents have successful careers and have supported me my whole life and I want to do the same for them when they are older. Having a successful career shows my progress through life and what I have worked hard for and achieved.

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