Personal Narrative about Friends and Relationship Advice

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What are Friends for ?

"Oh god What has happened to you" she asked.

" He slapped me"

"What do you mean he slapped you, what happened" again she asks.

"I told him that our relationship wasn't going anywhere and I thought it was best for us to go our separate ways"

"Is this the first time this has happened to you" another question she asks.

"You know I never keep anything from you but this is the one thing I thought I could sort out my self"

I told her all the aspects of my relationship and she could not believe what she was hearing, my abuse has been going on for months now and I didn't think I could tell anyone until now. We had been friends for many years, our parents were friends before we were. We were like sisters, we spent the night in each others houses, we went to the same grade school, the same high school, we shared clothes and sometimes boyfriends. I wouldn't recommend this boyfriend though, a person that is so controlling and demanding of you, and if you do what he wants or asks he beats your brains. I remember the first time I told her about him she sat their and asked me so many questions that it was hard for me to get all the information out to her.

We met each other for lunch as we always did on Thursday afternoons, went to this little restaurant on the west side called "The Shark Bar" where we sat always in the corner both by the exit just in case we saw someone we didn't want to see and we could get up and go. Michelle and I would sit and talk for hours. We would talk about anything that popped into our busy little minds. She was my best friend and their was nothing that we kept from one another, from our dirty little secrets to the sex we had, had the night before. There was nothing that I would not do for her and vice versa.

"Hi sweety, how is your day going?"

"It can be much better", she told me.

"What are we going to eat this week? We have been here so much, I think they should put our names on the menu."

She chuckled and gave me a big smile, "That is so silly, you know even through a rough day you always tend to make me laugh.