Personal Narrative: Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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You may hear the words “I've always wanted to be nurse” abundantly, right? Well, for me, waking up and knowing that I wanted to be a nurse is not actually, how it went. As a young girl I have always known that I had a passion for helping others, however, I could not particularly distinguish between how I wanted to help others. What I did know, is that I wanted to go beyond the everyday staple of helping. Nonetheless, not until years to come, I was able to gain knowledge through experiences to find my purpose, nursing. My first experience, as a younger child, happened when I was decidedly an active troop member in girl’s scouts and at the time that was enough for me to feel helpful. However, in a turn of events, I quickly remember rushing to the hospital because of a vast gash that ran across my knee. After being pulled back to a room, crying, I remember being assured by the female nurse that I was going to be fine, and despite the short stabbing pain of the stitching procedure, I believed her. The fact the women’s remake about me being well were true, was perhaps the night I remember being swayed with thoughts and dreams of being a nurse. Ever since, It just so seems that the older I get, the more challenges I face, the more I desire…show more content…
I received news that, I believe no one would ever like to receive. My grandfather of 74 years was diagnosed with Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. It is something about the word cancer itself that makes you feel stuck like there is nothing more than you can do, but that's not true and in my grandfather's case; the nurses seemed to believe otherwise as well. I particularly believe that he will fight his cancer, despite the ongoing battles with radiation. Out of his experience, I have learned the importance of going after what you want in life, fighting, until something gives and you are the one left standing, which parallels with my outlook on nursing

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