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As the quarter progressed, these ten weeks have been an enormous journey for me. I learned a lot of new skills and methods as a writer in your class. The methods and skills I learned in this class were very beneficial to me to improve, not only my writing, but also my critical thinking, rhetorical, and creative skills. The three major assignments we have done in our class represents the techniques that I learned. In all major assignments, I have used all the skills that I have learned in this class and revised many of the features that I lacked in ability. Each major essay represents my progression and polished work since I tried to put a lot of effort into to revision and make those an amazing piece for the final drafts for my portfolio. …show more content…

For example, from the poem, “Time for Renewal” I tried to show the actual action that had happened in real life, “People drenched in the variegation of colored water balloons, where their fabrics are concealed with colors./ Preparing and drinking cannabis milk, Bhang fragrance, cold milk sweetness—Thandayi, full of mercy.” These were some of the actions that I added the very last part of my draft three of the poem to make the audience feel more engaged. Later, I changed some of the words that had changed my poem a lot such as “burns grief” into “incinerates grief and leads wonder,” and “prospering flowers” into “sunflowers and pink roses.” The reason I added these images with punctuation is because I wanted the reader to take a breath and pause for a few seconds at each punctuation in each line. That way they will be able to visualize the environment better and the rhythm of the poem would flow well when they read it. However, in my draft one, it wasn’t circulating well and I didn’t have a good rhythm for each stanza because I didn’t use a right punctuation. Later, I tried to improve it by putting them in the correct place in each stanza. Punctuations that I added in the poem had made my poem much better than before because the audience felt like the actions were really going …show more content…

In the first version of the draft, it was very confusing for the audience to follow the prose essay because I found countless errors that directed to the misperception on the audience. In this assignment, having a clear image, environment, and structure was very important. The first version of this essay, I had a hard time explaining and comparing the story of the Sylvia Plath’s poem “Sheep In Fog” because I was not able to understand her piece of writing before. However, I had to read her poem twice by breaking stanzas into short lines. For example, in the poem “Sheep In Fog,” by Sylvia Plath, she states that “A flower left out/ my bones hold a stillness, the far fields melt my heart.” For this stanza, first I had to break those lines and then I had to reread it several times to understand what she meant by a “flower left out.” After reading it a few times, I was able to analyze that she was referring to the death, where she tries to say the life that had passed, there is nothing left in the world, nobody recognizes her. First, reading it out loud several times made me a little frustrated because I was still not able to figure it out what the poem meant. However, after finding out the meaning of each word and then combining, it helped me analyze the stanza even though it took a little longer than what I expected. This was the main reason

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how they learned new skills and methods as a writer in their class. the three major assignments represent their progress and polished work.
  • Explains how they were able to write a poem by separating lines into little stanzas and making the environment feel like it had happened in real life.
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