Personal Narrative: Tryouts

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Tryouts. Tryouts. Tryouts. Tryouts were in five days for one spot on the varsity basketball lineup. All I could think about twenty four seven was about how I needed to perform on thursday. I was freshman at Calvin Christian high school. If I was able to get on the team I would be breaking Calvin Christian history; never has a freshman been pulled up to varsity before the season. It was sunday afternoon and when most kids are watching football on tv, I had my mom drive me to MVP. MVP is a sports complex in cascade. I had basketball training session at 4:00 with Abdou my trainer. I felt the cold arctic blast of cold air conditioning hit my face like a concrete wall. I walked forcefully down the long well lit hallway. I walked past the state …show more content…

It finally came and I was ready. Tryouts was at four o’clock and decided late last night that I was going to take all my basketball stuff to school. As I sit on the cold cream tile in the hallway playing NBA 2k 2014 on my cracked screen. I had butterflies in my stomach, a part of me wanted to throw up and go home and say I was sick. But I knew I have invested so much time and this was one of my goals. My phone instantly started vibrating violently. Someone was trying to call my phone. I looked at the number and it was Abdou calling. Magicly the butterflies disappeared and my face lit up. I clicked the accept button. “ Hello Abdou ! I’m so nervous. What should I do?” I blurted out. “ Dallas, I’m going to tell you something. When I came over from Senegal to play at Oak Hill, I didn't speak any English and I didn't know anyone. But what I did have is my work ethic. I have told you about the hard times in my life. What helped me get through it is working hard. With working out with me for two years I believe you have a great work ethic. And no matter what I will be proud of you and I know your parents will be proud of you .” I felt so much emotion at the time that if I wasn't about to go into the biggest test of my life I might of cried a little bit. I told Abdou I had to go and I will call him after. As I walked out the doors into the blistering cold air. I saw my mom parked along the sidewalk. Onced I had walked to the car my mom saw the smile on my face. As soon …show more content…

My mom said in disbelief “ Really ?”. “YES!” I shouted. After the car ride I called Abdou. He couldn't believe it and he was so proud of me. We talked about all the hard work I had put in. He told me that he was moving back to Senegal to work for the New york Knicks. I was devastated at first, then I realized how great of an opportunity it was for him. I thought about all the hard work Abdou and I had put into me making the varsity team and how finally it had paid off. I thanked him for everything he had given me, all the times he canceled his plans so we could workout and about how he helped me with friend issues. He showed me the important life lessons of working hard , and if I work hard I can accomplish all of my

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  • Describes how they collapsed on the metal bench as they saw their mom walking inside the two glass sliding doors. they started to take off their shoes to change into their street shoes.
  • Narrates how they had a tryout on thursday for one spot on the varsity basketball lineup at calvin christian high school. they felt the cold arctic blast of cold air conditioning hitting their face.
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