Personal Narrative: The Journey To The Real World

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The darkness begins to fade away and you can just begin to make out the outlines of the dense canopy and thick underbrush. You tried to mentally prepare yourself for this moment, but the dim light radiating from the smoldering fire reminds you there is a strenuous, uncertain road ahead. It is time to move out, it is time to complete your objective, and it is time to finally return to the real world. Alternating between fighting your way through the vines and thick underbrush and sneaking past areas of low coverage you finally reach the enemy campsite. Quickly checking your ammunition, you barge into the open daylight hoping to avoid confrontation; nonetheless, prepared to take any measures necessary. You see her, and her eyes plead for you to save her. Fifteen yards, muscles straining and all senses focused on just this moment. 10 yards… 5 yards and you trip, you fall, fall, and fall.…show more content…
You relax back knowing this is the end, the screen goes dark and with it you feel rage, and sadness. The game is horrible, what does it matter; yet, the girl needed your help and still does. How great would it be to be the first one to complete the final level? How much pride and excitement would completion give you? So what do you do next? Do you keep playing, trying again to save the damsel in distress, or do you walk away and finish your real-life obligations? Is it really a question, of course you play again because not only do enjoy the game but you are also emotionally invested. The reason people play video games is for entertainment; however, the reason they continue to play is the games induce an emotional response that requires

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