Personal Narrative: The Girl Who Changed My Life

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612 words

Two thousand eight hundred and forty-five days ago my whole world was turned upside down. I was nineteen and had just exited an extremely volatile relationship. Leaving is always difficult but I knew in the long run that it was going to improve my chances of bettering myself and my situation. As the days past I noticed that I wasn’t feeling quite normal and things I once enjoyed now made me sick to my stomach. I brushed it off and blamed the long car rides to and from Georgia for work as the cause of my wonderful new nausea problem. It wasn’t long until I discovered the true cause of all my new problems and the adventure that lay ahead. One doctor’s appointment and an ultrasound later came an answer I wasn’t ready to face. I was pregnant and I was alone. The next few days my mind was like a cyclone spinning out of control. Unable to face the issue staring me in the face. After speaking with a friend I realized I had to tell my parents. That was a devastating challenge all in itself. I could not find the right worlds so I resorted to just blurting it out while my mom was in the shower. In hindsight that probably was not the best way to go about it but it was the best I could come up with at that moment. Looking back, I think I expected some kind of warm embrace I would cry she would cry and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how their world was turned upside down two thousand eight hundred and forty-five days ago. they had just exited an extremely volatile relationship and knew leaving would improve their chances of bettering themselves.
  • Narrates how one doctor's appointment and an ultrasound later came an answer they wasn't ready to face. after speaking with a friend, they realized they had to tell their parents.
  • Narrates how they expected a warm embrace from the woman, but that wasn't how it played out. she asked them if they were going to keep their baby.
  • Opines that the day their daughter was born was a day they will never forget. their life changed in ways they never imagined.
  • Opines that the storm that turned their world upside down did not destroy their life but relocated them to a much better place.

My life changed in ways I never imagined. My life was not the only one impacted by this new little person. The lives of my parents were changed as well. She turned a once angry grandmother and grandfather into the people now wrapped around her little fingers. Had I made any decision but the one to keep her I would have never been able to recover. I do not believe I was built that way. I needed her, she forever altered the direction of my life. She gave me meaning and purpose. It has not always been the easiest path in life that I have chosen but it’s one I picked for myself so that’s something I can live

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