Personal Narrative: The Dangers Of Learning To Drive

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Title I used to think learning to drive would be easy, but because I almost crashed my mom’s car, I have been too scared to really learn and haven’t been allowed behind the wheel ever since. That’s a sad story and it’s been about two or three years since. Now, I’m pretty sure everyone wants to learn to drive as a teenager, especially when you’re a junior or senior in high school. My parents taught my older brothers and sister to drive when they were still in high school and so me being the youngest I wanted to be just like them and I knew I wanted to learn as well. Worst day ever, but it only lasted a couple minutes. My two older brothers and my sister all learned to drive while they were in high school. Three streets from the back of our…show more content…
The worst part of it, is that we live on a commercial street so it can get pretty busy, luckily there were no cars passing or stopped at the light. I pressed on the brake quickly and of course I got yelled at and I got blamed, but I told my mom it was her fault for telling me the car was in drive and I also blamed the car for being old. Typical me. Of course, everyone on the porch was laughing at me and my nephews and niece came outside also and were just there looking at what was going on. After that, I put the car in drive, this time it actually was in drive so I did one thing…show more content…
When I pushed on the gas, the wheels started to make a screeching sound, and the car went forward really fast. We have a truck parked in the drive way also, so when the car started going towards it I turned the wheel and almost went into the neighbor’s fence. I pushed on the break in time and was able to turn the wheel to avoid hitting both the truck and the fence. Consequently, after that one incident, I wasn’t allowed to set foot behind the steering wheel. I also don’t want to learn for a while, I’m a little frightened now and I always though learning or driving in period would be easy. My dad makes it seem like it is, because whenever I would ask him to teach me he would say “just hop in and take off, you don’t need to learn”, obviously I have some practice to do if I want to be able to do

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