Personal Narrative: The Best Summer Of My Life

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This summer was the best summer of my life; I went to many baseball games, and I kept track of how many in the season of 2016, with nineteen games in total. In the process, I got a baseball with six signatures and a phone number.

From time to time, I would pick up the baseball from my large bookcase as a reminder. I would smile and shake my head. The ball felt rough in my hand from the scars. It wasn 't as white anymore and it has collected dirt all around the baseball. The red seams were faded, as well as the three blue logos. The baseball was my dad 's, and he got it from the clubhouse manager at the West Michigan Whitecaps. He used to supply their laundry chemicals for 6 years, until the manager left.

It all started in the middle
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My mom realized that the Lugnuts were playing the Whitecaps, I guess I never told her and she felt pretty guilty for not wearing any Whitecaps gear. I knew they were playing and decided to wear neutral colors, a white T-shirt and denim shorts. Throughout the night my mom gave me advice about flirting, as if it were easy. I kept telling her to stop, there was no way I was going to do anything.

At the end of the night the Lugnuts won, and the players ran out to the field to line up and gave high-five’s down the line of their teammates. Mom pressured me saying, “Now’s your chance to do something.”

I sat there anxiously, time was running out, and I stared blankly into space. “I’m just awkward, I don 't know what to do,” with my hands thrown up in the air. I had to do something, anything.

I rose up from my seat, quickly sprinted over to the edge of the dugout, and as Carl was walking into the dugout, I called out “Carl!” He turned his head to the direction of my voice. Then I motioned my index finger toward me for him to come here. He started to dodge through the crowd of his teammates in the dugout. I asked, “Can I get a picture with

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