Personal Narrative: Sister Vivien In High School

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375 words

It was a cool, crisp and cunning fall day. My preschool class and I were outside playing in the field for our break. I was sitting with my ginger haired boyfriend, Cameron, and we were talking about how nobody was fond of our math teacher, sister Vivien. I was one of very few who liked her and because of this I decided I would ask her to come over my house for a play date. Sister Vivien was an exceptionally nice women and treated her children with great respect. At the time she was about 70 years old, and although she may have seemed scary to some kids, I thought she was wonderful. When I asked her to come to my house for a playdate her whole face lit up like a tree on christmas (or a Menorah on Hanukkah). She told me she would talk to my

In this essay, the author

  • Recalls a cool, crisp, and cunning fall day when they were playing in the field with their ginger-haired boyfriend, cameron. they were talking about how nobody liked their math teacher, sister vivien.
  • Describes sister vivien as an exceptionally nice woman who treated her children with great respect. when asked to come to their house for a playdate, she told them she would talk to her mother and arrange something.
  • Recounts how they played checkers in their living room and were focused until sister vivien turned around to get more coffee and moved her checker piece to another spot to set up her defeat.
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