Personal Narrative: Queen Of The Halls

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"Leslie, I can see Erich is a lucky man. How is it that the two of you met?" His light eyes burrowed into hers. "Well, we..." She stuttered as her eyes, shooting to the ground. "It was on the set. He is a cinematographer, so we hang out a lot during filming. He actually does not live too far from here.” She looked up again, twiddling her thumbs. "What sort of movie are you in." "A high school comedy. I depict the role of the queen bee of a clique." He tipped his head at her response. "What is it called so I can look out for it?" "Queen of the Halls." "I would have thought it would have been “Queen of the Corner" He snickered. She stood up, her nose twitched as she marched for the door. "It was a joke!" He called after her with a …show more content…

My mother may have been and I’m not always proud of my past, but that doesn’t give him the right to judge me! I left street walking behind when I boarded that plane to New York City when I was nineteen, and I’m never returning to those five miserable years. It wasn’t my choice originally my mother’s boyfriend was my pimp." Her voice broke. "I had no idea that had happened to you. It was absolutely insolent of him to say that, but he wasn’t trying to make light of your past as a sex worker, I’m sure if he knew about your past he would feel awful." I said. Her lids narrowed at me as she followed me back in. He waited for us standing cross armed. "Look, my joke went too far. Can you forgive me?" He asked. She sneered as her disdain for him, was untamed. All of the sudden, akin to storm clouds lifting as she peered into his eyes hatefully her eyes sparkled and she smiled for the first time. "Of course." She agreed in a softened voice almost as if her mind changed in that swift second and she wrapped her tiny arms around him. He embraced her, patting her back as she clung tightly to him. I nursed my coffee narrowed eyed at the sight. Claudius glanced at me and I curved my mouth upward to disguise my disenchantment. * * * Saturday night arrived and Erich agreed upon the double date at his penthouse in Woodland …show more content…

He snuck a quick peek at me catching my slight pout. I smiled back at him from behind my sunglasses thankful that they shielded my eyes as the smile failed to reach them. Yet I refused to display my burning jealousy simmering like the flames of Hades remaining taciturn. The tension in the air climaxed when Erich emerged from the poolside kitchen with plates of food that he had grilled. Claudius offered to help as he took some of them to the table. Erich appeared to be his late twenties and stood just under six feet in stature with a slender build, short curly, dark hair, stubble along his cleft chin and light green eyes. "It is nice to meet you Maricel I have heard many great things about you from my girlfriend as well as you Claudius" Erich greeted, joining us. Leslie selected a chair beside her boyfriend and Claudius pulled me onto his lap. Claudius stretched his arm across the table to grab a beef rib when Erich stopped him. "Ah, ah, not so fast we have to bless our food and thank God for this lovely meal." Claudius’s eyes dimmed, as he growled in a low tone and clawed my hand out of impulse. My breath caught in my lungs and I leapt off his lap. "Are you okay?" I asked. He

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  • Analyzes how the comedian depicts the role of the queen bee of a clique. he tipped his head at her response.
  • Opines that if you are so concerned, then fix it! he took another swig of his whisky.
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