Personal Narrative On The Dust Bowl

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430 words

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the time of the “Great Depression”, or so called the “Dust bowl”. Well, I have, I have been asking myself how did everyone feel during this time. Hi i’m Dianna a mother sitting on the front steps of a migrant camp. I have two kids whose names are Sasha and Daniel. Now, the setting is in California, were I went after people couldn’t afford things after something big happened The Great Depression.
Today and ever since that tragedy I feel like a nobody. Everyone calls us “Okies”. All I have is my kids, and that’s it, they are my only hope. They help me when I need the support. Moving on,unfortunately, we have to live in a migrant camp and it’s not really a fun place to stay in. It looks old and looks like it went through a tornado.It smelt really bad because we couldn’t take showers. No one brush their teeth and there was no good smell. Where was it? It was back home destroyed with everything else. We could not afford a whole lot like some people did.Sometimes I have thoughts and worry if we will even live another day, I worry if we will even have a next meal. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how dianna, a mother in california, went after people couldn't afford things after the great depression.
  • Describes how they feel like a nobody after the tragedy. they say they have to live in migrant camp and it's not fun to stay in.
  • Opines that they wish local men could help them and comfort them. they would want them to do the same if they were in their shoes.
  • Opines that if you are going through something, look on the positive side. if you live in a state you know it's going to be bad, be prepared.

It felt like torture but just never ending. I wish they could just help us and comfort us. They have no idea of what we went through.They would want us to do the same if they were in our shoes.So we would move again and again.Now that we have brought up this whole thing, let’s talk about the schools.And my goodness that was some bad news for everybody. Everyone was complaining that all or most schools in that state or city were to crowded or probably more than overcrowded. I really wish all this could end. I felt like I was dreaming an awful nightmare but I wasn’t , it felt like this nightmare came to life and tried to get

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