Personal Narrative: My Style Of Writing

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. This quote is said by a famous fashion stylist Rachel Joe. As she said, people express their style not only through speaking, but also through actions, appearance or even writing. Especially in writing, even though the authors write in the same language with the same purpose, they tend to have different formats and styles. In a sports news article I read, I found a unique style of writing that intrigued me. The article was “Consider these teams officially tortured” written by Bill Simmons from ESPN. In his writing, I found many interesting sentences or phrases that make his style of writing unique. Since it is written for ESPN, I expected the writing to be written in a very formal language. However, he wrote his article very casually …show more content…

In the beginning, he gives a pertinent example of Jennifer Hewitt’s story to describe how other think of him. His writing was witty and fun to read. Furthermore, the point of view in this article is first person. This has an effect especially in his writing. With his informal language and first person voice, it makes the article looks more attractive but less credible. Even if it is witty and fun to read, it is still formal text from ESPN which is one of the biggest sport news companies. If it was written like other news article with formal wording and writing style, it would have more credibility. Since the article looks casual, it uses simple word and the structure of sentences is easy to understand. However, it uses many symbolic terms so that people who are not used to English might not be able to understand it. For example, there is a word “a Guillotine/Stomach Punch combination” used in the text. It does not make sense itself but in the text it symbolizes a combination of bad losses. Figure of speech can make the audience laugh but for those who are not comfortable with English might search the word and get

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