Personal Narrative: My Story: How You Changed My Life

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This story is something that rare people can relate to, i relate to this, in fact this is my story. You are just about to find out how me, Emily Cassidi took my own life. I use to have strong feelings about my life and my future but it all ended when my life completely changed… t was a regular saturday morning when it officially happened. My mom wanted to move for some reasons i wasn’t quite aware it of until today, i understand now. We waited for our big day, the day we left the only place i have ever known. The only people i have ever known. The only friends i have ever known. Even the only culture i ever knew. My mom encouraged me and my sister and said stuff like “this is for your better future.” but was it? I was gonna fly to canada are my parents seriously gonna do this to me. No… they are joking with us… but sadly…show more content…
I saw posters and bulletin boards, people with lots of friends. I felt lonely and upset. if only i was at my old school, i had a huge squad of bestie’s, we ruled the halls like none other. There was massive chatter in the halls, but then i heard a voice, a yelling one. Yelling at me? “Sociopath! Would you move it?” a dude hollered. Who was he calling that. Me? No way… i turned around to see who was there. Yup. the dude was calling at me, correction, hollering at me. I scooch to the side of the hallway and then start walking as fast as i can until i hit my new locker. I stuffed my bag in and run to the bathroom, locked a stall and cried. My tears landed on the ground fast and furiously. This is the first day and people already started the gossip. When i finally hit class i got kicked out for being late. Everyone was laughing at me, some people took pictures and those went rogue. Mrs pell took me to the hallway and reminded me the timings of classes, i felt embarrassed. “Ringgggggggg” the school bell went, finally. I was a so excited to walk out as a 3 year old would be to walk for its first
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