Personal Narrative: My Sophomore Year

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175 words

In school, I am on the Huntington Beach High School Golf team. I was the team captain of the team during my Sophomore and Junior years which held the responsibility of organizing games and helping out newer players. During my Sophomore year, I was given the award of being the most improved player because of my countless hours of practicing golf and my determination in getting better. I have also been in some clubs on campus dedicated to helping others and the community such as the UNICEF club and the Random Acts Of Kindness Club. This year I also joined the National Honor Society in hopes that I can get countless opportunities in helping those who need help and helping the community. I find much enjoyment in aiding people when they need it

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they were the team captain of the huntington beach high school golf team during their sophomore and junior years. they also joined the national honor society in hopes of getting countless opportunities to help those who need help.
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