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My Personal Writing Process
The way my writing process is formatted is probably quite similar to mostly every other student, because we may have learned the same process on how to develop and structure our writing assignments. The process of me developing any of my writing assignments is broken down piece by piece into different parts. Whenever research is necessary, I make sure that I have gathered as much information as possible based on the paper’s topic. Once I have the information needed, I then develop my introduction by giving a little bit of insight about the topic of what the paper is going to be about. On the last sentence of my introduction, I typically put together my thesis by stating the key points in the order I am going to be structuring them in the body paragraphs. I then get started on …show more content…

I would bring up each topic in the same arranged order I brought them up in the thesis. This allows the reader to stay in an organized structure with the paper and at the same time it also assists me by allowing me to better follow my paper. Whenever I want to see what I wrote in a specific body paragraph, I would go back to the thesis in my introduction and look up where it was pinpointed. That way, I can find that section within the paper a lot easier. Each body paragraph is going to be specifically associated to whatever the topic may be.
Once I have every single one of my topics mentioned and thoroughly talked about, I would go over and read my entire paper. I typically check for any errors, improper grammar, the fluency of the sentences, or any other factors that would make, or affect the paper's efficiency. After I get a hold of what I think is a quality paper, I would usually hand my paper to someone who I think will do exceptional job at revising, and I would ask of them to give me their thoughts and opinion about my

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how their writing process is structured, based on the topic of the paper. they then develop their introduction, thesis, and outline each topic.
  • Explains that the idea gathering process has its own perks depending on the type of paper they are required to write.
  • Explains that they would have gathered all of the ideas in order for them to help them write their paper. they would categorize these main points in the same order as the body paragraphs.
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