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569 words

I could really do I would only give her a reason to feel good about herself or make myself feel humiliated in front of everyone. I couldn’t say anything because it would only be and Let's go back a few years coming into a new chapter of the book, you know the transition from Middle School to High School. I was nothing but a full time student who thought she one day would become a English teacher. I loved the long, chilly nights of procrastination trying to get homework done. Suddenly it turned around completely, a few weeks into the class my first essay of the year was right around the corner. I think we all know how that turns out probably with a big fat zero, but for me it was different since writing had always played a large part to my life. The most important element in my developing …show more content…

I had been guilty of not being a perfect writer but a great reader. As I knew the papers were finally handed out with our grade , I would read my comments to be ready for a new assignment.

It was that time around blue papers hand it out with your time and date for “TUTORIALS”, I clearly see my Mrs.Elbert walking straight ahead towards me stretching her hand out to hand me the paper in big clear letters with my name on it. I couldn’t believe it, I looked over towards the paper to make sure it was for me, well guess what right name and only one name it couldn’t be anyone else. As I realize it was actually my name, I tore the paper up wishing it was all a dream.
I wasn't up for reality, therefore I knew I had to definitely look for other resources . It was a small school which only had one teacher per grade level making it hard for me to find help so I knew how much my teacher hated the upper grade level teacher. I played the game by its rules , I need a peer review so my bright idea was to ask the upper grade level teacher for help

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the transition from middle school to high school as a full-time student who thought she would one day become an english teacher.
  • Opines that writing was not their biggest accomplishment but it was a great experience.
  • Narrates how they saw mrs.elbert handing them a blue paper with their time and date for "tutorials." they couldn't believe it, but realized it was their name.
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