Personal Narrative: My Immigration To The United States

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Throughout society, there is a certain structure with rules that have been placed in the system to run efficiently. These rules range from official laws to social stigmas which are the underlying factors of getting ahead in life. These rules are needed, but those who are able to apply the rules in the best manner are the ones who are able to succeed and the game called life the best. When I immigrated to the United States I was already six years of and I had learned many of the rules of the Colombian civil society, both from observations and from my elders. Then when I came to the United States I had to learn these new rules and apply them to the best of my abilities.
In Colombia, many things operate differently from the United States. There is a different culture and different laws. As a young girl who had learned the basic rules of society in one country, it was challenging learning these different rules in the United States. The rules which I had to best learn and apply were those in the educational system.
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My mom was not fully aware of the certain social rules which were essential for higher education. In middle school, my mom did not understand the value of volunteer work. I had to learn from observations that volunteer work was essential for applying into high school. I was able to volunteer throughout middle school. This simple rule which I learned helped me achieve a great milestone of getting accepted into one of the best high schools in the state of Kentucky. Not only was I able to learn the importance of volunteer work but I was also able to apply this knowledge to be able to go to DuPont Manual High
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