Personal Narrative: My Freshman Year

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173 words

My freshman year I have taken all honors courses except for my World History class. I have excelled inside of all the classes I have taken. I was one of the few freshmen that had the privilege of taking Algebra 2 my first year. In my sophomore year all of my core classes were honors classes. I began to play basketball and I have balanced my athletics and academics exceptionally well. My jounior year was more challenging. I took on my first AP class. I passed my AP English class with a B while balancing out the work in my other classes. I am now currently in my senior year. I have decided to take dual enrollment classes to prepare my self for college. In D.E. 111 English I earned an 93 A and in D.E. 111 Government I earned an 83 B. After this

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have excelled in all their classes, including algebra 2 and basketball. they have decided to take dual enrollment classes to prepare themselves for college.
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