Personal Narrative: My First Pair Of Pointe Shoes

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♥ My first pair of pointe shoes ♥ Sophie 7A

The moment when my ballet teacher, Olga, declared that I was ready to go en pointe was a moment I would remember. We were in the studio, looking at our reflection in the mirror and standing at the ballet barre.

“Hmm… Your ankles are getting stronger. Would you consider going to Patterson's before our next session to purchase a pair of pointe shoes?” she asked, examining at my feet.

“Absolutely,” I exclaimed, grinning while crushing my toes under my feet, attempting to begin preparing, already. “What do you recommend?”

I asked as many questions as possible, hoping to become prepared. The truth is, nothing could prepare me for what was in store.

Now, I think back to the moment a few months ago when I earned my first pair of pointe shoes. Before that experience, I had always made an effort to become strong enough because I was determined to receive my first pair. Practice makes perfect, so I repeated the crushing relevés, popping my ankles by pushing them constantly until they felt shaky. I had invested blood, sweat and tears into these pointe shoes. It was sometimes difficult to remain motivated and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that oliver and sophie know sophie will want to try on every pair.
  • Recalls their ballet teacher, olga, declaring that they were ready to go en pointe.
  • Describes how their eyes immediately wandered to the wall of pointe shoes in the back of the store.
  • Describes how their daughter was sent to the barre to buy her first pair of pointe shoes.
  • Describes how they found the russian pointes with a hard shank to contain their high-arched feet. the only skill reaching their full potential required was hard work.

I studied the graceful ballerinas that danced en pointe with ease. Although, holding my entire weight onto two toes is a task that requires stamina and dedication. My feet usually get used to the pain and pressure to some degree, but it doesn’t feels completely painless. There is always one blister constantly nagging me, or one cut that just slightly stings.

It started on one brisk morning that I had been waiting for throughout the entire summer. The day I will receive my first pair of pointe shoes. Today is the day I will dance en pointe for the first time. After what seemed like an eternity when we finally arrived at Patterson’s, the place where I will become a true ballerina.

“We’re finally here!” I exclaimed with

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