Personal Narrative: My First Child

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I had my very first child very early on in my life I was only 16 when I delivered my first child I had a lot of growing up to do. how as a mother am I going to manage going to school and be able to be a mother. I had figured try my hardest to stay in school. I had my older sister watch my child while attending high school but of course I needed to get a job to provide clothing diapers and other stuff that a baby needed at the time. I considered getting a job as a waitress which I knew was going to take a lot of time from school and my son at the time. Johnnie an hour that had a set dance for all the employee’s now summer im getting to save money and provide for what little I was making at the time, i started…show more content…
His favorite subjects is science and math. He wants to be a scinceiest or a astronote, when he was little and still as today he loves rocks the different shapes sizes and colors. I am getting scared as a pareant what are things that I saw while growing up in jr. high and others did around me. Im also scared because he tinds to follow more than being a leader at thing. I try to teach him how to lead. I only hope is he keeps busy with studies and activities. I always tell him one day you will not have me here telling you how to live your life. I only can do that now later on in life your going to have to make your own decision and not follow. And always make sure now or even later you always make the right choices in life because God gave us a ability to know right from wrong. i also let him know the importance of getting a education and always following through with your dreams because it can affect your life in the long run. I know I expect a lot from time to time but sometimes I just have to sit back in realize his just a kid trying to be best that he can. Malachi loves to have fun whether its playing outside going somewhere or just stating in the house. As he grew up I knowtest he was more of a home body which I didn’t mind because I always knew he was safe with me it must be a new generation
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