Personal Narrative: My Composition And Writing Process

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163 words

For my composition and writing process, I used my personal essay. I use that because I had to go through a process to have my paper fully meet my English class requirement and mines as well. I learned that writing a composition you need an outline because it's the most fundamental and important step for starting a paragraph. I also learned that editing is very important as well because the lack of editing can cause a problem with trying to end a composition. Plus, it's always good as a writer to get your paper reviewed and rewritten. This can help with shorting sentences to be an emphasis, improve a long sentence to be shorter, combing sentences, and dropping a sentence altogether. The final thing I learned is to read my text over and over

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how they used their personal essay for their composition and writing process. they learned that writing a composition requires an outline and editing.

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