Personal Narrative: My Best Friend

In December 2014, right before Christmas, I had a conversation with my best friend that no child wants to have. This was about to be the last time we ever spoke to each other. She didn’t want to continue with our friendship anymore. We had been best friends for almost seven years. To this day, she was the only best friend I have ever had. To me, childhood friends are unforgettable because of the extravagant times they blessed me with. I felt like my world was ending because I went to her for everything. I asked myself daily, what am I going to do without her? I was devastated until I realized that this was a learning experience for the both of us.
In reality, I never realized there was an issue with our friendship until it was too late. During her twelfth grade year, she began to change. She was dealing with some things such as depression, which I was blind to. I didn’t know how to help her through this difficult point in her life, which made me feel like a horrible best friend. The only thing I could do was encourage her. Every day I would ask her if she was okay and all she would say is “I’m fine”. I tried for so long to get her to talk about what she was going through. Day after day, it became more exhausting trying to keep the same bond we had for seven years. On her
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The best life lessons come from experience. I remember how we ended our friendship. We took a trip to Piada; we sat at a table by the window. We both apologized for everything and anything. She had said that we could still be friends but our friendship would never be the same. I remember staring out the window trying not to cry. Let’s be honest, no one ever stays friends after going through a huge argument. Now that I look back, I ask myself, why I ever cried over her. I have a better outlook on life since I know who I really am. Overall, I would not trade this experience for a better one because of how mature it made

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