Personal Narrative: My American Dream

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American Dream
Every person has an American Dream they want to pursue, achieve and live. Many people write down goals for themselves in order to get to their dream. Those never ending goals can range from academic to personal. As of today, I am living my dream. My American Dream is to become a nurse, travel to many places, have a family, and get more involved with God.
Ever since I was younger, I wanted to get into the medical field. Both my grandmothers used to work in the hospital and I would always wanted to tag along. Following them to work influenced my decision to work in a hospital. Every time I tag along, I would see many interesting things that would catch my attention and make me curious. There was a lot of materials such as the stethoscope, weighing machine, and etcetera that I would pretend to be a doctor or nurse examining imaginary people. It was absolutely perfect because I always wanted to help people. So this fall of 2014, I will be starting my education on becoming a nurse anesthetist.
Not only do I want' class='brand-secondary'>want to fulfill my career goals but also goals with my personal...
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