Personal Narrative: Marigolds

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It was a dark stormy night John and I were talking about improvements that could be made on the house. We were very poor we had the most ramshackled house in our town. John thought that we should work on adding on to the house but that would get rid of my Marigolds. Just thinking of that takes me back to the day I planted those beautiful plants. It was a warm sunny day that day. Oh I remember that day like it was yesterday. The Marigolds were the only beautiful thing in the whole entire town and they belonged to me. That day was probably one of the very few happy days of my life. It all began when a package arrived on my doorstep no address where it came from nothing. It kind of surprised me that someone was this generous in this small disgusting town. In the package seeds and a note appeared. The note read “ A little something to spice up that tasteless town of yours” and the seeds were Marigolds. Also on the note instructed proper care and instructions on how to care and plant the seeds.…show more content…
So I argued that we expand so I could save the beautiful plants. Rather I said we should work on making the house look better itself and not so ram shackled. John agreed so in the morning we’d work on starting the long gruesome process but it would all be worth it in the end. As John fell asleep on the porch I went and grabbed him a blanket and covered him with it. I can see how he fell asleep this wasn’t one of those ferocious rains rather a calm one. The sound rather calmed me than worried me. As I was preparing for bed I heard whispers. I dismissed them assuming it was the wind. But i heard them again so I woke up John asking him to listen carefully. John asked if I smelled that Which I did it was this awful earthy smell. That could only mean one thing my Marigolds I shouted to
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