Personal Narrative : Lost Without Love

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Lost without Love Love is precious to every living soul on this planet. With the absence of love, people start contemplating their own worth. Every year, more than two million people die in the United States and this leaves millions of loved ones behind to grieve (Kerr). This can be said for someone who has lost a dear love, their spouse. The loss of a loved one can be the most traumatic event in a person’s life. According to the Psychiatric Times by the age of 65, “more than half of American women and ten percent of American men have been widowed at least once” (Hensley). My 83 year old mother became a widow some years back. The devastation she felt was true and all those around her could see the struggle she was beginning to face. It is common when a person experiences a loss to feel lost themselves. This was especially the case for my mother. She and my father had been married for forty years because he passed. He was retired military, so my mother had been used to him being gone for periods of time. He had always come home, but this would be the time he would not walk through ...
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