Personal Narrative: Life after Children

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You have a house with a yard. Your mini-van is parked in the garage. Each room of your home is filled with the colors of childhood. You spend your weekends watching soccer games, watching the latest kids movie, and you plan vacation to places like Disney World. Your every decision from what neighborhood you live in, to what foods you buy is based upon having the best intentions for your child at the forefront of your life. Then, one morning you wake up, step out of bed onto a Barbie doll in your hurry to fix Fruit Loops and realize that life after children isnt all it was cracked up to be. When is the last time you slept past 8am? When is the last time you spent an entire day in bed with your spouse, making love and watching television intermittently without interruption? When is the last time a simple trip to the grocery store was easy? And where is all that money you worked so hard to earn? The reality of life is pretty insane. You start out clinging to your family, only to realize by the time you are a teenager that you can’t wait to grow up and get away from it all. Then, you spend your time out on your own plowing through life, making stupid mistakes, doing whatever you want - only to find that you are desperately trying to find someone to settle down with again. You push aside everything that growing up with your own parents ever taught you about relationships and life and whole-heartedly believe that it will all be different for you. Then, you meet him or her, at a bar during a night of wild partying - and a few months later; you willingly put all that freedom and sowing of wild oats aside to be ‘in a relationship.’ Next up, pressure to get married and nagging desires to have children, because nothing else ... ... middle of paper ... ...children holds for you. Are you going to wait to have grandchildren, or are you going to try and live a little. For years you swore under your breath, feeling jailed and trapped by the confines of family – secretly dreaming about wild escapes and escapades you could be having if only. And now, that time is upon you and you wish you could have your old life back again. The really ironic part is that most of us spend the stage of life we are in, wishing we could be in a different stage. What if just once, we decided to carpe diem, to be happy, content, and grateful for the place our feet are currently planted? Chances are we would never be wondering about life after children, just going with the flow. Living with no regrets and never spending so much time looking forward that we fail to see what is right in front of us. But that would make life too simple.
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