Personal Narrative - Knee Injury

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Personal Narrative- Knee Injury

I was always an active person from being in sports to hanging out with friends. I always had something planned, or came up with something on the fly. My junior year in high school was a very tough time for me. I was involved in a lot of activities, organizations, and clubs. I was very active in one organization where I had to be up at school every morning at 7:15 for that meeting. Meaning I would not leave school sometimes until 6:45 to 7:00 in the evening. On the weekends I would have something to do either with friends or family. I would never go a weekend with nothing to do. Either I was out running errands or at the mall buying some new clothes.

The problem came in on November 22, 2000 at an away game at North Side High. It was the third quarter ...
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